Bateman Collins - Executive Search & Interim Management


Mission. Our mission is to identify and deliver future leaders for progressive organisations.

Vision. Our vision is to be the leading provider of Executive Search Consultancy Services in our markets.


Excellence. The Bateman Collins ideology is built on operating as a centre of excellence with distinguishable care and diligence and meeting our own high standards. Our world class service provision to clients, associates and candidates is enabled through our robust processes and systems, impressive networks and dedicated team.

Integrity. Our relationships are built on confidentiality, discretion and reliability. We do what we say we will do, with a dedication to precision and accuracy in all our operations. As a client, candidate or associate Bateman Collins understands that reputation is vitally important. Business ethics is a core principle on which Bateman Collins is founded.

Partnership. Length of relationship with our clients, candidates and associates are the yardstick by which Bateman Collins measures success. Long term relationships are achieved by depth of understanding and consistent outperformance. Our success stems from setting clear objectives, proactive action and open communication. This makes our service unmatched within the marketplace.

Accountability. Traditional search and recruitment firms reward their staff on achieving individual financial targets. We believe this to be a short term measure of success and misplaced. At Bateman Collins all employees are rewarded on longer term measures of success and stringent customer-oriented satisfaction criteria.

Evolution. We believe in continuous improvement to meet the future needs of the industries in which we operate. Through continual re-evaluation of our markets, our services and our clients’ requirements we deliver best practice and innovative solutions. We embrace change by listening to our clients, associates, candidates, and our team to foster progressive entrepreneurialism.