Bateman Collins - Executive Search & Interim Management


Business Advisory & Talent Consulting Services – Each consultation assesses in-depth the current and future business challenge including strategy and background, vision and values, organizational structure, nuanced cultural matters, attitudes and perceptions.

Produced in coordination with Map Room, our in-house Mid level Consulting and Research Business, we produce market analysis to help firms make informed strategic and tactical decisions on business strategy, talent management, functional structures, budgets and compensation. These often have direct business critical outcomes as well as helping firms attract, assess, develop, and retain talent. Although each analysis project is bespoke and tailored to the needs of each business, they include:

Market Analysis Projects (MAP’s) produce strategic insight into competitor firms such as strategic agenda; organizational structures; corporate profile and culture; products and services; and frameworks, methodologies and competencies.

Function Analysis Projects produce insight into functional structures, team culture and functional challenges of a firm or multiple firms. This can include detailed functional benchmarking against internal and external talent using core competencies and performance criteria.

Compensation Analysis Projects analyse total compensation of executives within a specific function across single or multiple firms to deliver comparative remuneration and compensation analysis.

Perception Analysis Projects analyse the general or specific perception of a firm by peers and competitors to provide guidance on attraction and retention strategies.

Project Management – Bateman Collins utilize a Project Management method to deliver our bespoke services within tight timelines and budgets, reporting at all key milestones. We manage multiple stakeholders across diverse functions ranging from HR, Procurement, Operations & Change Management, Finance, and Risk.

Risk Management – The cost of an incorrect or inappropriate placement can be huge. The Bateman Collins methodology and rigorous attention to detail, not only delivers executives who meet firms’ strategic agenda, they also provide reassurance and reduce risk, most notably financial, reputational and operational.

Executive Screening – Bateman Collins provide extensive due diligence and onboarding solutions including rigorous Background Screening and Vetting and more detailed Executive Screening.

Initial consultation is provided free of charge. Finding the most appropriate solution often requires multi-functional engagement with stakeholders at every level of our client’s organisation. We offer a combination of research, intelligence and reporting tools, often presenting results to board and C level executives.